segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2012

Life is light

Gather all your plans, steps, dreams, disappointments and settle in a bag. Take your failures, your mistakes and throw in a drawer.

The bag, put it in the back, you are totally responsible for what you wish for. Take the world in your back without expectations. It is almost certain that a thousand chances to be lost, but we lost much more than that without knowing.

Take what comes ahead, a chance that is. Make love as you can. Destroy the reason many times as possible. Live it now, and it’s not a cliche, I saw that it is possible.

Leave this melody playing, dance as the compass. Do not leave anything behind.

What about the frustrations, it's like everything in life. At first it is hard to accept, but then the soul learns that there is no evil that lasts forever and neither pain that lasts forever. We have the talent to redo it.

While I'm weaving these lines, I try to teach the same to me,  that the world turns, and the story of rays never fall in the same place can only be relative.

The world does not follow a rule. There is no ready ways. In this big context the great eternal Monday, we learn with the experiences.

 The life sips you drinking are what teach you how to live it better. It is not the amount of years you live, but the intensity with which it spilled the drink purpura intoxicating and addictive that is life.

Here, you turn castaways storyteller that never have felt the salty taste of the sea. This is common, but none survives. That is why I repeat the phrase, life does not follow a rule. For this dangerous disease no prescribed remedy.

Each one finds its cure like pilgrims looking for something in the horizon. We'll tattooing soul with the experiences. Bleeds and hurts, but it is sweet and addicting.

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